Blizzard Alight 7.2 Skis + TLT 10 W Bindings 2019
Blizzard Alight 7.2 Skis + TLT 10 W Bindings 2019
Blizzard Alight 7.2 Skis + TLT 10 W Bindings 2019
Blizzard Alight 7.2 Skis + TLT 10 W Bindings 2019
  • Brand: Blizzard
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  • Season: 2019
  • Gender: Womens
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The Blizzard Alight 7.2 ski offers superior edge grip and a steady ride. Its 72 mm waist and 6 mm rocker make it a forgiving all-rounder that still performs well up on edge. The IQ system ensures smooth handling with less chatter.

Composite Sidewall IQ, Light Wood, Quattro Technology

6mm Rocker
The amount of rocker is a fundamental parameter that influences the agility and control of a modern carving ski. The rocker profile changes by 2mm in each model to match the control needs of the different target users:
Allows very easy into and out of the turn, better sliding, great control and a forgiving feel.

Alight WSO Contruction
Innovative light woodcore (Poplar, Beech), Lightest IQ construction, Reduced weight by 10 - 12%, Enhanced performance

Duratec is the use of a thicker textured surface combined with maximum edge radius and aluminum tip protectors to contribute to the durabilty and longevity of your skis.

IQ Composite
Composite core construction reinforced with fiberglass, provides a mid to lower level of performance that is characterized by easy handling, comfortable stability, and effortless control.

IQ Suspension
IQ Interface that incorporates an elastic dampening system. This interface delivers less vibration, a more dynamic feeling and unbeatable edge grip, which results in easy and effortless skiing.

Full sidewalls provide torsional rigidity and constant pressure along the full length of the ski. The result is better energy transmission, stability, control and ultimately greater performance.

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