In 1954, our father graduated from business school and asked our grandfather for ten feet of wall space in his hardware store to sell snow skiing equipment. Even in agreeing, our grandfather didn't comprehend the strength of our father's passion. But his passion has now shaped the Nichols family, both personally and professionally, for 63 years.

Our father met our mother by renting her ski equipment, teaching her how to use it, and then asking her to marry him. We feel extremely fortunate that they not only passed on their commitment to family to each of us, but they also passed on their love of the outdoors, and especially winter to each of us.

As we each finished school, we followed them into the business. Our parents taught us that to run a successful business, you had to do more than buy and sell equipment and clothing. You need to impart your knowledge and passion to your customers. You must value every customer who comes through your door and treat them as you would want to be treated. You should give them the knowledge to make an intelligent decision with regard to their purchase. And by allowing them to make an informed decision, you allow their decision to have more value.

That original ten feet of wall space has now grown into a multi-store operation that sells a variety of equipment and clothing that let you enjoy a variety of winter activities. So whether you ski recreationally or race, snowboard, XC ski or snowshoe, we hope to instill the same love of wintersports to you and your family. By spreading our passion, we are sure you and your family can derive the same enjoyment from winter that we now derive from skiing and riding with our children.

At Nichols Ski & Snowboard, we go out of our way to make customers feel like they are part of our family. For three generations, we have run our business with pride and a commitment to service. Chances are, if you visit either our Dearborn or Waterford locations, you will be greeted by a member of our family.

Kris, Karen and Tom Nichols