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Junior Buy Back Program

This program runs from September through November every year

At Nichols Ski and Snowboard, we are committed to make skiing a winter activity that your whole family can enjoy! To ensure that it is an enjoyable and affordable experience for your family, we offer the Nichols Junior Buy Back Program.

For the kids, we ensure that they are properly sized, not only for the day of the purchase, but for the entire Winter season, October through March. This makes their first experience enjoyable and will reduce the risk of injury.

For the parents, we make taking the whole family more affordable. We will buy back your children's used equipment in the Fall. This ensures that you are not out the cost of new equipment each year as your child grows and advances.

We know that you have many options in choosing equipment and clothing for you and your family, and we thank you again for choosing Nichols Ski and Snowboard!

Have a great Winter!
The Nichols Family & Staff

Ski & Board Tuning Program

Effective November 10, 2015 through March 3, 2016

The Ski and Snowboard Maintenance Plan is designed to help you maintain your favorite pair of skis or snowboard for the 2014-2015 Winter season. It will include all minor P-tex repair, base and edge sharpening, stone grind finishing, and waxing with Swix CH wax.

The program will allow us to enhance the performance of your skis or snowboard and extend their useful lifetime. When a ski or snowboard is brought in for service, we will help you determine what needs to be done to your equipment. Skis and Snowboards can also be over maintained, so we will work with you in order to help you balance the fine line between maintaining top performance and shortening the life of your skis or snowboard.

Upon signing up, you will designate one pair or skis or snowboard for the entire season. You may choose to transfer the program to one other pair of skis or snowboard during the course of the season. This new pair of skis or snowboard will become the designated equipment for the remainder of the season.

Please keep in mind that this is a maintenance program, and not a repair program. Damage to the edges or major damage to the base will require labor and/or parts costs. If you can see laminate layers in the bottom of your skis or snowboard, it will be considered major damage. All major damage will be brought to your attention for approval of additional charges prior to repairing your equipment.

2015-2016 Season Cost: $109 for a limited time. Regularly $149

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